Mrs. Koloszar
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Science Classes
Snookie and Jojo are now classroom pets and enjoying life in their new condo. The experiment went very well...Jojo was just a bit sturdier due to the milk nutrients she received early in the experiment.  Snookie has been catching up, but will never quite make it.

We finished the Heath unit on Friday, November 4th with work in stations.  I appreciate the help of Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Gross as parent volunteers as well as the support from Mrs. Hollis and her student teacher, Mrs. Comery. 

The students created meal models, performed innovative exercises, completed vocabulary work, enjoyed food group bingo, and began spice/herb research.  We will tie all of it together during Wednesday's classes.

Back to the science come CELLS!

Math class - Saxon 87

Test 6 will be on Tuesday, November 8th.  A practice test will be sent home on Monday, November 7th.

I am so pleased that this math class is very diligent about getting all work completed in a timely manner!  Even after absences the children get missed work returned to me.

Thank you for making the grading of papers so easy! 

Reading Block
After spending a few weeks in the basal reader and doing skill work, we have begun a new novel.  The 18th Emergency is a fun story with a good character analysis component.

As a side study we will be doing research on old-fashioned diseases...the students became very curious about mumps after they were mentioned in the novel.  We will be conducting mini-research projects about the wonders of modern medicine!

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