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Welcome to the Classroom Webpage!

You can contact me at  This is the fastest form of communication.  Feel free to leave me a message or a phone number and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 



Brain Pop Jr.

Username: nwsc_nes Password: tiger2013


Pearson Etext

Username: (on the back of your child's iPad) ex. 26.s.gruver Password: First14


Dropbox App

Username: Password: reader


Spelling City

Username: MissGruver  Password: v1aph585



Reminders and Upcoming Events

On Wednesday night, you or another family member will listen to your child read the story.  Please sign the paper that is sent home.  Thank you for taking the time to work with your child!

A reading comprehension test will be given each Thursday as a reading grade.  This test will be on the weekly story and vocabulary words.

Vocabulary grades are taken every 2 weeks over the list of vocabulary words.  Please take the time help your children learn how to read these words.

Each week the students will learn a list of vocabulary words that go along with the story in the reading book.  Your child will be tested to see if they can read each of the words at the end of the week.  I would strongly encourage you to practice these words with your child each night.  Flashcards are provided weekly in your student's binder.  Feel free to have your child cut those words out and use them at home.

Vocabulary and the reading series will begin September 3rd.

In addition to the vocabulary words, the students will learn a set of spelling words each week.  The spelling list will be provided in your child's binder and online.  There will be 10 words and 2 bonus words.

The first test will be given on Wednesday.  If the student does not get 100% of the words correct, they wil be given a second opportunity to take the test on Friday.  Your child will have  spelling practice at school, but extra practice at home is encouraged greatly!


Just a reminder: Please sign your student's math homework each night after you check their work.  Thank you!

Also, there is no math homework given on Fridays.


Contact Me!

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