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Welcome to Tiger Tech!!

Thank you for visiting Tiger Tech.  This is a place to learn about the exciting things going on around the schools at NWSC!

Recent Topics
eBackpack Assessments

We have many teachers using eBackpack assessments now.  They are loving them!  Here are a few highlights that make this feature a hit with teachers:

  • Gradebook Sync - Yes, it grades the assessment for you AND automatically puts the grade in Skyward for you!
  • Randomize - You can make the questions random and the answer choices random too!
  • Lock - You can lock them into the app using Apple Classroom or there is a built-in lock feature in eBackpack as well!
  • Login - Students don't need a separate login username and password to access the assessment!

Let Todd know if you want to get started on this!

Green Screen App

An exciting and helpful tool is the Green Screen app.  Students, or teachers, can transport themselves into any setting they would like!  

Studying the Eiffel Tower?  Make a video of yourself there!  

Studying the Pyramids of Egypt?  Make a video of yourself there!

Studying Antarctica?  make a video of yourself there!

It is easy to use and a lot of fun!  Challenge your students with this CREATIVE idea!

Let Todd know if you want to get started.

(See some examples below)

STAR Tests

Renaissance is changing their support for the STAR app.  They now suggest that students use the web version to take STAR tests.  They said the app works, but prefer you to use the web version.  The app DOES NOT work for STAR Early Literacy at all.  Here is how to use the web version:

  • Go to Intranet page
  • Choose Renaissance Place
  • Login as normal

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Summer eReading

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